Single Purchase

1. Get my W-9 Information

Click here to see my W-9 Form if your district needs to add me as an approved vendor.

2. Email a Completed Purchase Order

Have your district email a completed Purchase Order to with the products you want:

  • ChattEd Professional Development Membership

3. Get Your Products Delivered

Your information and login instructions will be sent to the email that was provided. Woohoo!

4. Pay the Invoice

We will send you an invoice for the products you purchased by email. Please pay promptly.

Group Orders

Want to purchase ChattEd Memberships for multiple SLPs at once (e.g., school district, etc.) and save some dough?

Well, guess what?!  If you make a group purchase of 20 or more memberships simultaneously, you’ll get a 15% discount off the whole order. Here’s how to do it:

1. Email Us Your Group Order ( similar steps to regular purchase order )

Send an email to with the words “Group Purchase Order” somewhere in the subject line. Include the number of memberships you want as well as an Excel file with three columns: First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of each recipient. Also include your business/school name, address, and email you want the invoice sent to in your email.

2. Pay the Invoice

We will send you a custom invoice for your purchase with a 15% discount applied. 

3. I’ll Deliver Them Electronically

We will fulfill the order, and your SLPs will get login instructions in their emails. Woohoo!

Price Options

Monthly Option


Access to LIVE and on-demand webinars with discussion boards and resources

Yearly Planes

$179 Annual

$139 Annual

Access to LIVE and on-demand webinars with discussion boards and resources

Group Plans

Save 10%

With groups of SLPs of 10 or more, receive another 10% off the annual. We accept purchase orders.